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Latex Care

Here are my recommendations and best practices for the care and keeping of your handmade latex garment.



Coat inside of your garment with Talc powder or specialty latex lubricant to pull on.

After your garment is on, shine your latex with a latex shine solution.

Avoid oils and solvents as this will damage your latex.

Avoid having sharp nails or wearing other sharp accessories that could potentially snag your latex.


Clean you latex after every wear.

For best results, hand wash latex in lukewarm water with a little latex-qualified detergent. For very heavy soiling or odors, soak the latex in the water for up to 30 minutes.

Hang to dry thoroughly before storing.


After cleaning, dust both sides of garment with talc powder so it does not stick.

Don't use metal hangers or clips: Metal hangers or clips can mark and stain latex.

Be careful with light colored latex: Light colored latex can permanently stain from makeup, metals, and oils. Don't store light colored latex in direct contact with darker latex colors, as the color may transfer over time.

Store each piece in individual garment bags in cool, dark area. Keep latex away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

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